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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kristin, #21 and 22 landscape sketches

5 x 8.5" watercolor and pen
8.5 x 11" watercolor and pen

I've been busy moving and doing summer things, but I just got to teach a field sketching workshop so I've got some work to post finally. It was a great gift to get three days to do some drawing. I tried to have a lighter touch and have a bit more fun with these. I was looking through some of Claire Walker Leslie's books and got inspired by her gesture-like watercolor paintings and amazing skies.


MEliz said...

Welcome back! One of the things I learned at the workshop I took was rocks are prismatic, (love the word ) which you nailed down.I like how you vary the direction of pen marks on the rocks and the clarity of all the colors in the trees.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Lovely, light, and airy. It's impressive to me how much you've conveyed in these sketches. Easy to take in and get the feel of the view you had.

Claire M said...

Glad you found some more time for these sketches. These are great.