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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kelly - Paintings 87 - 94

...getting close to finishing up this year's challenge! I had fun with this batch, working quickly and playing with lots of styles. These are all paintings of Cedar Waxwings. I saw them at a local park a few weeks ago. Their sweet calls filled the woods as they passed through looking for berries...

Red and black Conte crayon painted over with a waterbrush

Red and black Conte crayon painted over with a water brush

Oil pastel

Watercolor heightened with charcoal and a few scrapes of a red Conte crayon


(This painting is how I usually see them in the summer...eating berries from the mulberry trees as I look on below.)

watercolor heightened with colored pencil
(...from a winter memory when I found a small flock eating bittersweet berries at a local park)




J'apprécie beaucoup cette série animalière dont le rendu est si vivant.


Lorrie Klosterman said...

It is sooo fun to see the different styles and energies you create in this set. Each is lovely on its own, and even more exciting here because we can compare them. I"ll bet everybody has a favorite... (I can't decide!!!!) I'm intrigued to see how little details play out in each version, too -- like the yellow tail tips.

Kelly said...

Thank you, Roger and Lorrie!!! :-) It is fun to experiment in all the different styles...

MEliz said...

I cannot decide which is my favorite not only are the birds stunning but the trees the colors you chose ... it's just beautiful. I especially love that they just keep getting better