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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Q & A

Some questions have come up and I thought I would share the info here so that everyone would know:

Q. Can I share the same image on my personal blog as I do here?
A. Yes, you can. Just be aware of your audience. This blog is meant as an area to focus on the making of art whereas your personal blog may be more about why you made the art, the subject matter, etc. Keep it interesting for your viewers by giving different information according to the location you're posting - your readers will love you for it!

Q. May I mention that I am doing the challenge on my personal blog?
A. PLEASE do!!

Q. Can I add a link to my personal blog within a post?
A. Because I don't want the 100 PC blog to fight for attention with your personal blog, I would rather that you did not. You CAN refer them to the participant's roll on the left and mention there is a link there. (See Krista's posts as an example.)

And one final comment from me:
As each of you get started, please do a bit of an intro of yourself, your chosen medium and a few words about what you're trying to accomplish by taking on the challenge. This can be done with or without an image. Thank you!!


Teri C said...

Thanks Laure.
I do have another question; should we show our reference photo if we use one?

Laure Ferlita said...

Teri, it's optional. If you have a specific question that is better asked by showing the reference or you want to show how you changed/simplified/added/merged or whatever else, you can add it, but strictly speaking it is not necessary!

I do think it helps with understanding the challenges and obstacles the artist faces when the ref is shown, but again, it's optional!