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Monday, May 10, 2010

Painting #50 - Blooming Saguaro

Painting #50!  Half-way there!!  WHOOHOO!

I really didn't know what I would paint for #50 but I wanted it to be special to mark my half-way point.  I had no idea it would be this one.  

My neighbor in Arizona has a Saguaro that was blooming and I insisted that my husband stop so I could take a photo.  Saguaros don't usually bloom this early so I was thrilled to find it.

It is one of the first paintings I did when we got back to Wisconsin and when I went to post it on my Blog I looked to see what number it would be and there it was, #50!
Funny how these things work out.

I have been reading a book about using more light in painting watercolors (Elizabeth Kincaid's "Paint Watercolors That Dance With Light") and am trying to do just that.  I am pleased with these results because I did manage to get the light in there.

Onto #51!


Laure Ferlita said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Teri!!! Way to go!!

I think it's also worth noting that you're half way there and it's only the beginning of May!

Kelly said...

It's gorgeous, Teri! I love the light. I noticed it right away. Sheesh, girl! Half-way there already! I'm only on 33...I feel like such an art slacker!!

Gary Keimig said...

way to go. Nice subject for No 50.
Are you giving any thought to life after 100? I think you should go for 200. I have always tried telling my students and participants in workshops and classes to go for 100 paintings and see how much they will learn. None that I know of have ever attempted it. Now I know someone I can hold up to that endeavor.

Teri C said...

Thanks everyone.
Kelly, you are on #33, that is great!! I know you will make it to 50 real soon.

Gary, thank you. I have already learned so much with these 50 and that really keeps me going. but no, I haven't thought of life after 100 but I know I will keep painting but not counting.

I looked at your nature challenge and I know I am going to try that too. So nice of you to do it.