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Monday, October 1, 2012

Elva # 82 and 83

Two quick color sketches, both inspired by smoke in the air.  While we were driving I realized the hazy effect of smoke is quite different from the hazy effect provided by moisture in the air.  Smoke is more even in tone .... and a dirty tone.  Moisture in the air is a cleaner color and tends to puddle in the valleys.

I keep art equipment within reach in the car so I can do quick ideas while my husband drives.  Not good for detail, but just fine for capturing an idea.


Claire M said...

Beautiful landscapes. Love how you can capture the near and the far. Really awesome effects. Interesting to read your observations about smoke vs. moisture in the air.

Thumbs-up on your preparation - having art supplies ready in the car AND the initiative to USE them!!!

Linda said...

Lovely! I like mountains anyway and you have captured a sense of mystery.