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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kelly - Painting 58 - 64

Where did the month of July go? My last post was way back at the end of June! I have been painting, but only on the run because I haven't been home. These were all painted either on site or in waiting rooms and are part of an illustrated journal (8x5). It's something new I started at the beginning of June. I now carry a tiny set of paints (only 6 colors) and the journal with several water brushes in my purse at all times. ...now to go catch up and see what everyone has posted in July. I should be home for the rest of summer, so I can start posting regularly again.

(These two birds are not my design. I saw them in a tiny book of antique postcards...they are European birds. The sweet postures were so cute I had to try my version of them. I painted them in the waiting room at the BMV while Matty was taking his driver's license learner's permit test.)


Cheri said...

love the turtle on the log. I use to live near a wildflower preserve and the was a log like you painted and had turtles on it all the time. Also the European birds are really cute.

Lorrie Klosterman said...

There is so much life in your fresh, colorful sketches (and notes). Love the turtle! You must be very quiet indeed to even see one of these guys!

Kristin said...

I love to see this collection of sketches. What a cool little book you must have, and how neat to pull it out throughout your daily travels. I like the color and freshness, and also all the little notes, makes it feel less like precious art work and more like something personal.