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Friday, August 12, 2011

Lorrie #38 - Red-shirted Manikin

Red-shirted Manikin, watercolor 8 x 15 inches
When in lovely Carmel-by-the-Sea, it's usual to paint ocean scenery, but I was looking for something different. This red-shirted manikin was in a store window, right next to a bench so I could sit and paint. I did a smaller sketch in watercolor then, and did this larger version at home. Though a fun subject, now that I post it, it looks kinda creepy to me. Does it to you?  Maybe it's because I added legs, so it looks too human, whereas the display manikin had only a narrow post going up one pant leg (but that looked weird also).


Cheri said...

Lorrie love this a lot

Margaret said...

No. I LOVE this. The legs just give it a feel of the old time mannequins, which I like so much better than the modern. The fact she doesn't have arms is perfect. Very nice use of colors and detail - the rosettes are perfect to my eyes.