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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lorrie #36 - Man of Art

Man of Art, watercolor 5 x 7 inches
This gentleman was sitting quite still, lost in thought I suspect. His profile against the artwork caught my interest and I got out a travel paint set and paper ... though as fate would have it, he got up within moments of my beginning this painting. He then moved to a table right next to mine to chat with friends, so I worked even more surreptitiously. 
Does anyone else have this uncanny unluck that people you are painting leave just as you begin??


Dora said...

Happens to me when I sketch in the doctors's waiting room so now I draw my own feet! Nice work.

Cheri said...

Nice work. I don't like doing from life. I like to take pictures and it's hard to take pictures of people in public settings. I am too shy to ask so I end up getting a model to pose to get the look I want.

MEliz said...

Every time I start on a boat someone gets in and drives off...Beautiful colors on the light of his arm.