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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Aschaffenburg Castle - Terry #19

This is 7x11.  I'm trying to paint a bit faster and having a blast.  Since my Imaginary Visits are done till August's imaginary trip to Paris, I'll try to get ahead on this challenge.  I try not to post my Imaginary Trip paintings since I get feedback during the class - but do welcome any feedback in this blog.  I'd like to paint less photorealistically but not sure how I could do it with a photo like this.  Thanks.

1 comment:

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Terry... I find your old castle charming. ... and you posed an interesting question, i.e. how to paint something like that less realistically. I went on a little hunt and found this one in Flickr. Note how the pen lines are loosey goosey and the colors wander. I'm not saying I like this better, but it is a looser interpretation of a building. Good luck experimenting!