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Sunday, July 22, 2012

CathyO, #35, Deer chaser

A deer chaser from the Portland Japanese Garden.  This is darker and muddier than I wanted but "quantity over quality"!!!  
I could use some suggestions from my fellow painters:  I have been in a slump here.  Nothing intrigues me enough to paint, then when I do paint, I end up with something I really don't like!  Have you any suggestions for getting out of a slump?  I think I am overwhelmed by trying to come up with subject matter, 2X a week!


Elva Paulson said...

I've been mulling over your request for ideas on how to come up with ideas. Here are a few:
1. separate the idea process for the 'it is time to paint' time. I see ideas when I'm out in nature, when I'm watching TV, when I'm looking at others' photos or painting. Just a little thumbnail will save an idea. You don't need to save all the details; be creative when it comes time to paint.
2. When something doesn't turn out quite right, try again. See if you can incorporate some of the needed changes. ... both paintings count for the challenge
3. I take a lot of photos and keep a separate folder on my computer of the ones I think I might want to paint or draw. Then when I have time to sit down I don't have to look through lots of photos.
4. Be inspired by someone else's work. Make it different but try to capture what they did well.

I hope some of this helps . By the way, I like how the little Japanese structure peeks out of the foliage.

CathyO said...

Elva, thanks for your suggestions! I will incorporate them into my painting sessions. I am leaving for Newport, RI for a few weeks and I am hoping the change of scenery will inspire me also.

I have been enjoying following your blog also. Especially the story of the beetle and your Dad....

Terry said...

This really is a great question. I get in those slumps too. Usually signing up for an imaginary trip gets me unstuck pretty quick - just being so stimulated by the lessons, assignments and the work of fellow travelers. Lately I've been trying some painting on the spot - like at the beach or baseball game - just to get down what touches my heart - no matter how it looks. I've tried a tiny bit of contour drawing - that I might not even paint, but it gets my unstuck and stimulated. Your work is beautiful - keep going!