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Monday, April 5, 2010

#024 Yellowstone Dogs -- wolf no. 76

M21, the alpha male of the Druid Wolf pack. Once a black wolf, here he has turned quite grey, but is still in him prime. For more information about him go to my blog.


Kelly said...

...beautiful portrait. I've really enjoyed your first two stories, I'll have to pop over to see if you've posted the third. What a wonderful opportunity you had to watch them. You must be so glad you kept a field journal to remember everything.

kslaughter said...

Elva, this is beautiful! Your line work is just incredible. I love the focus on the eyes here--just gorgeous ; ).

Teri C said...

Absolutely gorgeous Elva! You have his whole personality in his eyes!! He does look like the alpha male indeed.

Caroline said...

I agree with Teri! Gorgeous, Absolutely! Great work!