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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Painting #47 - Plein Air Landscape

Last week my husband went golfing and I went to a nearby park to paint.
The above painting is my favorite with the reflections in the lake and the mountain in the background.
As I looked at it I thought how interesting that in the space of a few hours I painted a lake with mountains in the background, a sailboat on the lake and two different cacti, all in the same location!  
I used a 6x6 inch accordion folded, 140 # watercolor paper for my plein aire sketches.  I love how it all seems to flow together even though they are all different.
I have other accordion folded journals for these subjects:
plein aire

When they are done I will probably bind them together.


kslaughter said...

Beautiful work, Teri! I love your little journal--it does flow together so beautifully~~

Kelly said...

...love this, Teri. So peaceful. I can imagine how nice it was to be there painting the scene. Love the reflections in the water. We've done journals like these in Laure's class and I love them. You're so prolific!!