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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paintings # 43, 44 and 45 - Poppy Frenzy

The winter rains in Arizona have brought, and are bringing wildflowers galore.
Poppies are the ones that everyone loves and will travel miles to see a hillside of them.
I got inspired to paint.
This first one is all wet-in-wet with a few lightly defined petals.
Then I moved on to the next one.
Even more definition.

This is the last one with a combination of techniques I tried above.
The light in it is purely accidental but I like it.

I'm not sure my poppy frenzy is over yet.


kslaughter said...

Oh, Teri, these are all lovely! I love your choice of color and the techniques you used. The huge clumps of poppies that just grow along the roadside everywhere in Western Europe of one of my favorite sights---you have captured the essence of these~~

Elva Paulson said...

Beautiful, especially the last one.

Anonymous said...

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Claire M said...

Oh - I love poppies -- out here we call them "California Poppies"!!

Your painted poppies are beautiful!! What fun to try them with different techniques. My favorite is the last page.

Teri C said...

Thanks. Here in Arizona we call them Mexican Poppies. lol

Kelly said...

Teri...fantastic!!! I love the wet on wet....I love all of them. Did you paint them on site on the hillside or from a photo?