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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Painting #81 - "Sailor Sam"

This is 'Sailor Sam', an image I found at Wet Canvas.  I got into a 'painting people mood'.  When I find an interesting expression on someone I am immediately drawn to them and feel the need to paint them.


Brinda said...

This is great. Got such an inquiring expression

IrinaSztukowski said...

Great job on painting Teri. The curiosity and humor are caught very well on Sam's face.
But be careful with image borrowing, everywhere I read the artists protect their work and don't really like when people are copying their stuff unless it is class work or some kind of agreement. No worries, just my thought. I usually ask photographer or artist if it is ok for me to copy. In most of the cases I receive yes.

Teri C said...

Thank you both.
Irina, I have sent you an email about the WEt Canvas images. Photographers put images on there for artists to use so they are copyright free. Your concerns of using images without permission are echoed by me as well. I am VERY careful in what I use. Thanks.