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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Great Egret #69

The hill behind the egret was in shadow. Late afternoon sun was backlighting the egret. I was struck by the beautiful blues the white egret took on, and the thin trim of yellow. My every present journal was in my lap so I tried to capture the impression. Maybe I'll do a more careful painting of it too.


Brinda said...

Elva, i love this...the bird glows with the light from the back!

Teri C said...

Beautiful light and shadows on this Elva.

Elizabeth Smith said...

What glorious light you've captured! I especially like the way you modeled the lovely blue shadows on that solid-looking body, and the way that body mass is balanced on those thin but sturdy legs. Wonderful, Elva!

Mermaid's Palette said...

This is beautiful and the shadow colors on the egret are perfect!

SKIZO said...


Kelly said...

...Elva...I love your penwork and the shades of blue. The dark green background really sets off the bird. I have a sense of the backlighting, which adds drama.