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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tiger thoughts!

This is for my sister's 50th birthday and the picture has been composed from a series of pictures I found on the net. My sister being an activist for animal causes....I thought it was appropriate!  Painting this picture has been a HUGE learning experience! I am not sure I really enjoyed painting the picture, I think painting animals doesn't really turn me on too much....it took a lot of time, and I am still not sure I like the competed picture. I wonder, does one paint any and every subject because as an artist one should be able to, or should one stick to things that catch ones interest, and in my case that would be landscapes and trees and views from things happening around me. I have painted a lot of still life as Habib, my art guide has insisted that it is the best way to learn when one starts to paint. The other thing is that I like painting 'wet' water colours and not have to put in minute details, I work quickly and like to finish my work in just a couple of sittings, if not a single one....I think animals and people require a lot more detail!
Its the first time I have done a picture on a full sheet! It was difficult to do such a big picture using water colour!
Would appreciate comments on the picture itself, as well as my musings!!


Teri C said...

You did a wonderful job on this despite your misgivings. It seems like I always paint better when I am in love with the subject.

It is perfect for your sister and her cause. I'm sure she loves it!

Elva Paulson said...

I salute you for tackling such a difficult subject. I think both people and animals take a lot of practice and love of the subject. ... and all artists should be painting what they love.

Nice composition here and I love his personality. .. Does his legs need f few dark stripes?

Brinda said...

Actually hes a half grown one, so no stripes! I used a number of reference pictures!
Thanks for looking and commenting!

Kelly said...

...I think we're supposed to be able to paint anything, but I have to admit, if I don't have some sort of emotional attachment to the image, I'm not going to love the process of painting it!

I like the graphic feel of this painting and the blocks of color. It all comes together well. I bet your sister was so happy to get it!