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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kelly - Paintings 42 - 47

This group consists of stylized birds. My brother, Bill, and my son, Matty, are both cartoonists, and they can create the coolest iconic images, Rick can too, but realism always seems to flow out of my paintbrush and capturing a stylized image is hard for me, but this time, I tried to boil things down to symbols and let loose. It was fun! ...but at the end, they are not really stylized!

Painting #42 - Green Air Currents, Energy or Love Flowing Around Little Red Bird

Painting #43 - Red Air Currents, Energy or Love Flowing Around Little Green Bird

Painting #44 - Bird lit by the Light of the Silvery Moon in October

Painting #45 - The berries are right behind you, Little Bird!

Painting #46 - Savannah Sparrow in a Blaze of Autumn Color

Painting #47 - Three Halloween Pumpkins and Three Little Black Birds in Pointy Witch Hats - for my nieces


Teri C said...

The bluebird is amazingly beautiful and I love the new direction. Gosh you have been busy.

Tammie Lee said...

Hello Kelly,
I love the simplicity of your two colors (well there are layers of colors) with some of these. There is something so attractive about them. I also think they would make wonderful holiday cards. And the pumpkins are wonderful and perfect for the season!