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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crater Lake Moonrise # 73

Last week we were on the rim of Crater Lake (Crater Lake National Park) for both the moonrise and sunset. Because it was a couple of days before the full moon, the moon rose before sunset. Looking to the east, towards the moon, the sky was clear -- very different from my last post (#72) which was of the sunset about half an hour later. The moon looked nearly round. I used a little artistic liscense and made it really round.

For this painting I scribbled a black and white sketch in my journal and wrote down some color notes. I painted it after I got home.


Kelly said...

...you are so good at creating convincing night and early evening landscapes. I really like them.

Ann Nichols said...

I really really like your challenge! If I were artistic, I would take you up on it! I so love art and so admire people who can paint and draw - it really is such a beautiful talent - and you certainly have it! Thanks so much for your lovely comment (how funny about the word verification being "card!"). I hope your son likes it too!

Ann Nichols said...

Wait a minute... I'm a bit confused? (I just saw that Kelly left a comment above mine and Kelly was who I thought I was writing to!) Okay... I understand now... you are Elva Paulson...this is a blog where five different artist post their work!!! That accounts for such a difference in style from the previous painting!! Okay... now this is really great! Even better! So I will now go to your site and better meet you! (Then Kelly's!)

Mermaid's Palette said...

I love your evening paintings of Crater Lake and the colors you chose to make it evening!

cindyzlogic said...

Nicely done, Elva!!

B.E.Deuel said...

Feel like I'm there with you- in real time and in your imagination. The perfect blend. Lovely!