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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Old Snag # 70

I started this on location, but then got involved with what all the little birds were doing so I finished it at home. Sometimes I'm torn as to whether I should paint or write in my journal. My journals are full of a lot of both.

The old snag stands near a pool of water made by a leaky faucet in a very dry campground -- a magnet for the birds.

Pigma pen and watercolor.


Teri C said...

Great looking snag Elva. What a fun dilemma. You do both so well.

B.E.Deuel said...

Have been peeking at this blog for a couple of weeks now. The work is phenomenal. Keep it coming!

B.E.Deuel said...
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Brinda said...

Another beauty Elva!

Kelly said...

...beautiful. I can see this fellow coming to life in my mind! Love those gnarly "arms."