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Monday, September 13, 2010

#35 the old wrought iron gate!

I am staying with my daughter in Mumbai, in her flat on the 11th floor! In the distance there is an old building which has this wonderful gate leading onto the main road. It is made of wrought iron possibly, and I  see it every morning as I sit down with my morning cup of tea. This part of Mumbai is full of high rises, and this old gate certainly stands out. I have used washes and a black pen to do a quick sketch. At the moment there is a lot of rain here, so everything is very green and lush....I have tried to get a 'wet' look with puddles in the court yard. It took about 45 mins! Comments would be appreciated!


Elva Paulson said...

Hi Brinda, It does look wet and lush. A touch of blue might make the puddle look wetter.... or subtle reflections. As it is I'm not sure it reads as water. The rest of it works very well.

Brinda said...

Thanks for your advice. I will do that and see!

Kelly said...

...I very much picked up the feel of a cityscape. I love the wrought-iron.