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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flower # 64

A few days ago I posted a 20 sketch of this same species of flower on the Twenty Minute Challenge blog. I really like the little flower so I wanted to do a careful study of it. My masking fluid was old (klutzy edges), I picked the wrong paper (some of the paper lifted off and no where could I get delicate detail), but I did get the white blossoms to pop out from the dark background, so I achieved part of what I wanted.

I'm begining to think I should just throw away my "Nature Sketch" sketchbook ( by Pentalic ). I feel as though I have to work twice as hard when I use this paper.


cindyzlogic said...

Beautiful, beautiful painting, Elva!!

Teri C said...

After having seen your TMC of this, I am happy to see this update. Both are beautiful.
Sounds like you better throw that book away or the frustration will get you crazy!

Elizabeth Smith said...

Wow - in spite of the paper difficulties, I'd say you succeeded! The petals really have character and they DO pop. It's gorgeous on my screen!

I've found Pentalic frustrating as well...I'm trying different methods with watercolor as it just won't take more than one (or maybe two washes). And forget lifting any color - the paper starts to disintegrate.

One thing I did recently that helped was to apply a light coat of clear gesso first, letting it dry overnight before painting any watercolor. It let me lift and apply multiple washes. The drawback is that I sometimes lifted more than I wanted! It also added a textural element, which is good if you want it. I'm going to keep at it...

IrinaSztukowski said...

Such gentle beautiful flowers!!

Thank you,

Kelly said...

....so delicate...the white really pops against the dark background.

Elva Paulson said...

Thank you all for your enthusiasm. I do think it looks better on the screen than in real life.

I'm going to try Elizabeth Smith's gesso idea ... and have to chuckle because even thinking about something so drastic says that the paper is the pitz!