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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pristine Moleskine Phobia and the Fly #62

I did it! … I’ve been suffering from an advanced case of “Pristine Moleskine Phoebia,” an ailment closely related to “White Page Fear.” For more on that be sure to go to Laure Ferlita’s blog, Painted Thoughts” and read her Sept 11 post. After reading Laure’s blog I admitted to her I’ve been sitting on 6 moleskines journals …. saving them month after month. Of course Laure immediately told me to “kick fear to the curb.”

Oh dear! So I really had to do it. I realized I was in deep soup when I actually thought about using the first moleskine for just drawings of buttons (something I couldn’t botch up too drastically). BUTTONS! Talk about being intimidated!

I figure I’m always itching to draw little things that have no purpose except that they are exquisite – a much better subject for my journal than buttons. If I want a button page, I can always put one in.

So I’ve jumped in. This little fly is about a third of an inch long in real life. It has meaning for me because my friend, Eleanor, found it a couple of weeks ago and we both enjoyed trying to photograph it.. So on my first page I painted a pretty little fly that comes with a wonderful memory of my good friend.

And, Laure, your were so right to say I might not like the paper. It really isn’t appropriate for water. I got plenty of detail, but my page is now all warped. In all fairness to Moleskine, it isn't one of their watercolor Moleskines.


Laure Ferlita said...


Fantastic job, Elva!! So very pleased to see you being the boss of your Moleskine and in such a delightfully colorful way!

Love the sketch, warped paper and all!

IrinaSztukowski said...

What a lovely Fly. Never thought I will say it about a Fly :)

Great job!
Thank you,

Teri C said...

Never thought I could appreciate a fly either but here it is in all it's beauty!!