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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kelly - Paintings #57 - 70

Painting 70

Painting 69

Paintings 63 - 68

Paintings 57 - 62

Paintings 57 - 68 are all ATCs, and I've had them finished for a month, but I forgot to scan them. I kept looking at my total and thinking it was really low...then I remembered the ATCs! D'uh! Now I'm completely caught up and should be able to make the challenge by the end of the year. Last night I painted a wren, but the Golden Open Acrylics need a couple of days to completely dry (at least they do for me, because I apply the paint in thick blobs here and there...).


Debbie Drechsler said...

Kelly, I've been greatly enjoying your bold, energetic paintings. I absolutely love the birds in this group! What wonderful work!

B.E.Deuel said...

I LOVE the nuthatch! Stunning! Warm and vibrant! Cannot wait to see what else you create in 2010. Thank you for sharing.