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Sunday, November 7, 2010

# 44 My flowering cactus!

I'm posting in the challenge after a very long time....I have had my daughter and grand daughter visiting for the first time, so was totally immersed being grand mom! This the 3rd time this cactus has flowered. I followed it closely this time as every other time I thought it died at the bud stage. This time I managed to catch it in full bloom for a very short period, late at night! Its such a huge bud for such a small plant, and the flower was a glorious white bloom with deep pink tinted petals! I should have painted the flower but it was very late at night, and I didn't realise it would start fading in a few hours! I did it as a twenty minute challenge as well as for Cactus Monday!


Kelly said...

...very pretty!! When I first saw the cactus I thought of Teri because she was so fond of painting cacti! I love the green color and the shadows. I really see the dimensionality (Teri would no doubt love it too!).

Laure Ferlita said...

I believe this is the same cactus that my mother has! It has a blooms have a lovely scent, very strong when they first open. They bloom late at night and are gone by morning. I went over to her house at midnight one night to take photos!

Lovely work and very impressive for 20 minutes!