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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kelly - Paintings 77, 78, 79 & 80, Red-breasted Nuthatches

Sunday morning I went birding at Winton Woods (a Hamilton County park in Cincinnati, OH) with the Cincinnati Audubon Society. At one point, we were in a stand of pine trees filled with Red-breasted Nuthatches. The little birds are lighting fast...and constantly moving. Their nasally calls were soothing and surrounded us. That evening I painted the three acrylics from memory. It was cold and overcast that morning signaling the end of our Indian summer...and even the end of autumn.

Painting #80
Painted on 9x12 Arches Rough 140 Lb Paper, Watercolor
I painted this fellow Monday night and took a bit of time with him. I used a very light pencil sketch underneath so the water colors could be vibrant and not weighed down by graphite showing through.

Painting 79
Painted on 9x12 Acrylic Paper, Acrylic
Trying to capture the movement of these little birds and autumn's last hurrah, I painted the three acrylics quickly without a drawing underneath, adding in a dark background to relay the gloom of the morning (and the end of autumn). Flashes of autumn color give a nod to the season at it tries to hold on, but we know winter is on the way.

Painting 78
Painted on 9x12 Acrylic Paper, Acrylic

Painting 77
Painted on 9x12 Acrylic Paper, Acrylic


Mermaid's Palette said...

I love the style and looseness with the acrylic paintings! Nice work!

Teri C said...

These little birds are just wonderful Kelly!