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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sitka Spruce # 76

Other than field sketches I haven’t had time to paint/draw for two weeks. I began to feel like a boil ready to burst. My world has been full of geek stuff. Today I promised myself a chunk of time to paint. It felt so good! It also made me realize how good this challenge has been for me. A year ago I probably would have read a good book ‘in my time off.’ Today I craved an opportunity to paint.

This little painting is done from an old photo I took years ago because I wanted to paint the scene. I was intrigued by the funny long arms of the Sitka spruce and the golden dune grass, along with the gorse and bushes. I painted this quite loosy goosy for me. I was also working on a more detailed piece of a doe (soon to post, I hope) and needed something to keep me busy during the times I needed paint to dry.


Kelly said...

I love all the variations of green...and the way the pines in the background fade away in the distance. (I know what you mean about the challenge. I crave painting now...before it was something I did when I had nothing else to do. The challenge has been very good for me too.)

Mermaid's Palette said...

Elva- I love this, and the looseness works well. You really did a nice job of making the background trees recede. Looking forward to the doe!

Laure Ferlita said...

Awesomely done, Elva, but your words "today, I crave an opportunity to paint" just makes my heart sing! Love the depth you've created in this as well as the color harmonies. Nicely done!