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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn Meadowhawk #75

This is a field sketch. I was savoring Indian summer sun and sitting on a knarly root while I skeched. My original drawing is tall and skinny. I'm posting both so you can see the cropped version (which I like better) and the full sketch. In the long one I think the strong lines at the lower part of the sketch pull the viewer's eye right out of the picture.

Please share your thoughts with me .... do you prefer the cropped version or the full one?


Laure Ferlita said...

Hmmm, I may be the odd one out on this one, but I love the long vertical as I've been working in a long format sketchbook for a couple of months now and LOVE it!

What I'm not crazy about in this sketch are the black spaces on either side. I took the image into photoshop and cropped in to remove the sides. The "look" was immediately more intimate and there was no longer a desire to look anywhere but at the cattail and meadowhawk. I'll email you my crop.

As usual, Elva, great work!

Kelly said...

...I love the tall, skinny image too. When I brought the page up, I looked at that painting first. I like the cropped image because I can see the details, but it's the fluffy cattail in the tall image that pulls me back for more.