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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Claire Painting 14: Martial Cottle Park

I'm very excited that a new Park, the Martial Cottle Park, is coming to an area near my home. It will focus on preserving a bit of history of the Santa Clara Valley. The valley was once promoted as the  "Valley of the Hearts Delight", after two centuries of an agricultural economy started by the Spanish missionaries. Over time the focus in the valley shifted from agriculture, including many orchards, to technology. We are very fortunate that Mr. Walter Cottle Lester generously gifted some of this special property to the County of Santa Clara in combination with the State of California for the purpose of a community park. The park is named after Mr. Lester's grandfather, and will include about 290 acres! 


Terry said...

What a lovely, soft painting! I really like your colors. Your greens are so fresh. The rest of the painting is so peaceful and pastoral. You're so fortunate to have such a beautiful park nearby. I'm sure it will provide you with subject matter for many beautiful paintings!

Kelly said...

...this lovely, Claire. I like the softness and the color.