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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lorrie # 89 - Red Door Manor

Red Door Manor, pen and watercolor 4 x 5 inches
As I approach the last 10 paintings of the challenge (late, but getting there nonetheless!), I was hoping to make each a larger, involved work... but such thinking has only gotten me further behind, because lately I've had less time than usual for painting. I know each of you understands what that's about! So, to the other extreme... this sketch was a late night "just do something!" impulse and done while lying on my stomach on the living room rug, with one hand supporting a teeny kitten who was sleeping on my neck. Perspective anomalies ensued that I could fix, but I haven't the time!! The pen is a super-soluble fine point marker that I used first, then added watercolor, which immediately makes the pen run wherever the brush touches it. It's fun, though more unpredictable than regular wet/wet painting.


Claire M said...

Such a charming painting! I really like it!

Kelly said...

...pretty impressive....you painted it lying on the ground with one hand supporting a kitten! It's awesome. It would make a really cool..."Welcome to your new home!" card! :-)