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Saturday, December 11, 2010

# 51 & 52 Using a pen

We are staying with friends in their amazing home in Manila. The garden is lush and green, with a variety of tropical plants. The plants seem so green here, and the flowers shine like jewels in the sun. Its possibly because the atmosphere is much cleaner here and not as polluted as Kolkata. These orange flowers are a kind of 'flame of the forest' but in bush form! I have been wanting to try using a pen to complement my painting so have tried it in these two pictures. I used the pen to primarily add a little more definition and shadows to my painting.
Can anyone tell me if there are rules one has to follow while using a pen with water colours? Are there special pens?


Elva Paulson said...

Hi Brinda ... you pen work looks wonderful on these two pieces. As you well know, I often combine watercolor and pen. Over on www.Flickr.com there is a qroup devoted to 'pen and watercolor wash'.

AS far as I'm concerned there are no rules, but it is important to know the properties of the pen you are working with. Some pens we buy just to write a letter have ink that fades. I put samples on my windowsill where they would get a lot of sun and two faded completely! Also you want to know if your pen lines will bleed when wet and or stay put. Sometimes I choose one and sometimes the other.

I've been very happy with Pigma's Micron pens.. waterproof and archival and they come in different sizes. When I want the lines to bleed I usually use a fountain pen with Pelikan Fount India ink. There are other good inks, just be sure never to put real India ink in a fountain pen. It will clog.


Mermaid's Palette said...

I like the ink in your painting, and I don't think there are any rules either. I just bought some more rapidographs so I can try ink again, also.

Brinda said...

Thanks Elva and Sheryl, for sharing thoughts....I will continue to experiment! I do like the look it achieves!