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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Soltice Moon # 90

Last night we had a lunar eclipse on the same night as the winter soltice. I think most of the country was under clouds, and I thought Oregon would be too. But at 7:30 PM thin clouds were overhead. I painted this in honor of the night .... fully expecting I wouldn't get to see the full moon.

And here is the moon fully covered by the earth's shadow.

Mother Nature was teased me and totally erased the moon at times ... but at other times I got to see the progress. I have posted these and more notes on www.naturesketchers.blogspot.com. I'll be posting photos on my blog when I have time.

Both of these are quick 'field sketches' painted on Strathmore's #140 Cold Press.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

...so, so cool!! I love that you were able to get out and paint it. I love the full eclipse painting. Must have been a spectacular sight. We were socked in with a thick cloud cover. You couldn't see anything...