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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Kelly - Painting 99

Acrylic, 20x16 canvas

My son Matty loves this painting. He wants to take it with him when he leaves for college (he's 15 now...let's see if he feels that way when he's 18. A Robin eating a berry might not be cool enough for a college dorm room!!) This is the first time I've put acrylic on a real canvas. I liked the feel of the canvas and the larger size.

Below is the same painting the night before. I whipped it out in about 40 minutes and then headed off to bed. I like it more than the finished product. It's a little more graphic with no detail and a bolder red breast...I think it has a better feel to it.


Cedar Ridge Studio said...

Love the Robin. Great Painting.

Jacqueline said...

Great painting! Very cheerful.

Kelly said...

Thank you!! :-) You should have seen that robin in person. She was goggling those berries down like crazy!!