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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Will-O-the-Wisps #86

Western Oregon winters are composed of rain, fog, clouds, and not much sun. Everything ends up soaked. As a result I often see mist rising out of the forests -- really quite beautiful. We drove to Grants Pass yesterday and had little peeks of sunshine amongst the 'mostly cloudy.' When the sun hits the dampness, beautiful plumes of mist rise, my Will-O-the-Wisps. On location I did a quick sketch of mist and trees using a water soluble graphite pencil on ho hum sketchbook paper.

After we got home I drew the more careful rendition, using what I had learned with the first sketch. I still used the water soluble graphite pencil, but this time I added a touch of watercolor instead of just using my waterbrush. The paper was my Aquabee sketchbook.

My blog has a more detailed description of the mist.


Claire M said...

Elvla - these images are wonderful. I can just feel the moisture in the air, the coolness, and the fog. Wonderful effects that you captured!

Brinda said...

I have always felt there is magic in rising mist, and have experienced it many a time, when visiting our mountains. You have captures it wonderfully!

Kelly said...

...so soft and misty...these paintings are serene and impart the vastness of the wooded mountains. I'd love to be there...listening to the wind. Love them...