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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Chiggy's Christmas #92-#95

I've been remiss at posting my paintings...and I'm blaming it all on ADD. With all the other festive activities going on, the last step of the challenge fell off my radar. Last night when I posted my Christmas card (painting #98) on my site, I realized just how far I'd fallen behind. Since I have so many to post (and since they are all ATCs), I'm going to group them together in two posts so I don't take up too much room. These are all inspired from Laure Ferlita's Clever Christmas class. It was a two-week whirlwind class of Christmas Spirit. Laure gave us a theme and had a demo for that, then we went on to create more ATCs from the theme. Paintings 93-94 are all based on a wreath, and painting 92 is based on Santa's Hat.

Painting 95, Chiggy! Get Inside and Warm up After Decking the Halls...

Painting 94, Chiggy Decks the Halls...Again

Painting 93, Chiggy Decks the Halls

Painting 92, Chiggy on Santa's Hat

1 comment:

Mermaid's Palette said...

Love all the Christmas spirit! My favorite is #94. I have been away, or would have told you sooner!