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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fall Comes to Douglas County #32

When fall first comes to my area it is so pretty. Fog in the valleys, golden grasses and just a touch of reds and oranges. All too soon the grass turns grey; but after a good soaking it starts to grow. All winter we have lush, green hills. They will stay green until late June ... then golden and dry until the fall rains.

Painted on Westport 140# smooth ... a nice watercolor paper. It is only slightly smoother than copd press Arches.


Lorrie Klosterman said...

A lovely sense of distance over those fields and hills. That fog is deliciously conveyed, and the little fence adds so much.

Kristin said...

I like how you captured the fog, and the warm oranges in the greens. It feels like a good day to sit by the fire and dink some tea.

CathyO said...

You capture such lovely depth and mood in this little piece. Delightful!