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Friday, March 23, 2012

Strawberries # 34

I did something today I literally haven't done for years. My good friend Camille came and spent the afternoon painting with me. We used to once in awhile when Dale still worked. It was a wonderful afternoon.

I figured it would be fun to work on the same subject .... so I offered a yam or some strawberries. Big choice! lol!

I had a secret agenda. Camille handles color better than I do. It was fun tackling something really colorful with her. Painted on #90 Arches -- "Grain Fin". It came from a watercolor pad my mother picked up years ago. I think it is 'cold press.' Arches is always wonderful paper to work on.


Claire M said...

This is very eye-catching and very inviting. It is also suggestive -- making me want to go buy some delicious looking strawberries! The shadows are very convincing and I love the color blotches in the background. Did you plan the color in the background at all or is it all random? Also, how did you capture the little flecks of white on the strawberries? masking? paint around them? or white pen/ink afterwards? or other magic? Just curious.

Camille said...

Elva, Thanks for the fun day! I think your painting is so nice. I agree with Claire...concerning the shadows. I also like the bold background - especially the yellow as it reminds me that spring and summer will be here soon!

Elva Paulson said...

Hi Claire .... My goal was bright, fresh color. I don't know much about color theory. I just figured the greens would make red pop, but I also wanted it bright and happy so I splotched on some yellow too. My shadows weren't quite what I expected. I like Camille's better. As for the white it is miskit. My whites were too big, so I painted them a little smaller. I totally ignored he fact that Strawberries have little yellow seeds.

Glad you like it.

CathyO said...

HI Elva,
How nice that you and Camille could get together and paint such wonderful (and yummy looking) vignettes! I love them both! Perhaps one day, all the OR painters could get together for an outing!