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Friday, March 23, 2012

Strawberries #8

                                                                                     After a few wrong turns finding my way back to Elva Paulson's home, after many years was a total delight.  We caught up on what we would like to do with our painting as we had done many years prior.  I have missed the camaraderie and my sounding board friend.  

So then the white paper stared at us.  Elva offered me a choice of strawberries or a yam.  I told her that considering that my cloud painting had turned out to look like Jabba the hut, we had better go strawberries.  We both finished our paintings! It was the most enjoyable day of painting I have had for a long time. Thanks, Elva.      Camille  #8


Elva Paulson said...

Oh good, Camille. You posted before I went to bed. What a fun day we had together. Yams next time! ... maybe you'll get lucky and I won't have one in the house.

CathyO said...

Camille, these are lovely! The light bounces off of them so lightly! Made my mouth water!! How nice that you could connect with Elva after so long! Perhaps one day soon, all the Oregon painters could get together for lunch!

Camille said...

What a good idea! I love to paint with other artists. I learn so much and it's very social....so let's throw in lunch!

CathyO said...

Great idea! I am going to the East coast until the 8th but I am ready any time after that!! CathyO