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Friday, March 30, 2012

Into the Woods #37

I had fun painting this one. My aim was lots of control over the constantly changing values. I intentionally layered much of the watercolor. I was surprised at how much control I had. Before I started I figured I'd better do it on good paper. I'm pretty sure this is 140# cold press Arches. (I have scraps of paper tucked here and there with no record of what is what. Since I'm experimenting with paper I'm trying to reform my ways and label my paper, but I can't just ignor my unidentified paper. )


Kristin said...

This is a cool idea. I often see people paint forests or field of grass (etc.) with so much depth. You really capture that here, and the feeling of semi-mottled winter light. I want to see little footsteps to follow in the snow.

Kristin said...
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Lorrie Klosterman said...

You achieved a whole forest here, and it's not so easy to get all this depth and diversity with watercolor, right? Takes planning and patience... lovely.

Claire M said...

I'm amazed at what you've captured here - with the depth and all of the variations in values. I can really see the light moving through the trees. Awesome!