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Friday, March 9, 2012

Kristin 77 & 78: struggling with sunsets

Last night the sky got all blue, with perfect pinky-purple alpenglow on the mountains. So I grabbed my paintbox and tried to catch it, knowing I was already late. Here are two attempts. The top on is my sketch while the sunset was happening, and the bottom one I painted later last night with the info from the observations I made in the top sketch and a photo, which gave me a better view of the geography of mountains, though didn't quite catch the colors. I know it's hard to catch the fleeting colors, but it is fun to try.

 5"x6" watercolor

 5"x8" watercolor


CathyO said...

I enjoyed seeing study and then seeing how you refined it for your painting! Sunsets are difficult, aren't they? My latest post attempted one also and I don't know how one really captures those fleeting colors. I do really like the very serene, delicate look you got here!

Lorrie Klosterman said...

Wow that glow is gorgeous. I imagine you racing for that paintbox!! The second one is less glowing on the mountains but also lovely in its own way. Each painting is unique. I just read an artist saying in a book that she always does a series of related paintings because she learns in the process. She tweaks this or that in each version, and eventually decides on a combination of features that she likes best, which goes into the last painting in the series. That was so good to hear, instead of feeling like "having to" repeat a painting (as I often do) is only because the first one "failed." It is indeed useful, enjoyable, and growthful to see what different versions come out by repeating something.