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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Lorrie #83 - Davenport Mini View

Davenport Mini View, watercolor 6 x 9 inches
I pulled off the road at a little town on the coast (Davenport, CA) in late afternoon to have coffee in the car (windy outside!!!) and watch from a bluff-top parking lot for whales migrating north (success!). I did this watercolor sketch of trees on the bluff, instead of the ocean vista -- for a change -- as the dusky sky was beginning to turn orange. I didn't have any water in the car at the time, so I used some of the strong brew of Costa Rican coffee I was drinking to dampen paints and wet the paper and brush ... a very tiny amount that I was willing to sacrifice to the plein aire cause.


Kristin said...

I love the idea of substituting just the smallest amount of coffee to your sketchbook and can empathize with you working out of the car in bad weather. I love the way you use your purples, blues and warm tones. Adds such a nice feeling of light.

CathyO said...

I really like the feeling you got in this sketch! You captured the deepening shadows so well with your use of color!

Claire M said...

That was very creative of you to use the coffee in your painting. Very nice view here. Sounds like you are in California like I!