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Monday, April 16, 2012

Please Welcome A New Challenger!

Please help me welcome Terry Allor, our latest challenger!

Terry is a retired nursing educator with very little formal education in art. She and I recently had a chance to meet in person and she shared with me how much joy she felt when she painted. Terry also mentioned that now that she had started she wants to experiment more as well as keep a pen, ink and wash journal.

Terry faces a lot of the same "issues" as you and I do, namely, getting inspired and maintaining that inspiration. Not always an easy thing to do with life's velocity increasing all the time! She often gets discouraged when she attempts to get back into painting if she has stayed away too long.

Terry is seeking to develop good, strong habits of staying active with her painting as well as learning more about her chosen medium of watercolor.

Please join me in welcoming Terry!

1 comment:

Claire M said...

Welcome aboard Terry! I welcome another traveler on this journey. I look forward to seeing some of your pages!!