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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Terry - Orange Blossom Delight - final repost today!

Here are the horizontal images.  Sorry for previous posts.  You must be totally sick of oranges!!


Kristin said...

Hi Terry: This painting is really fun. I love the interplay and repetition of shapes and colors. Was it hard to keep the flow going over a large piece of paper? What gave you the idea for it? I am not sure what constructive criticism to offer because it is unlike what I usually do. Maybe it would be cool if there was one focal point. I say that, but I do like the rhythm and how my eye travels around, and doesn't settle anywhere.

Kristin said...

PS. I think you can go in and edit and delete posts on blogger, when you get to the page where you see all of the posts on this blog. You can only edit your posts.

Terry said...

Thanks Kristin - I'll try it. As far as your question, I wet both sides of the paper and dropped in colors and let them run. Also threw in some salt. It took about 24 hours to dry. That's how I got the background. I've been reading Karlyn Holman's 'Watercolor - the Spirit of Spontaneity' and wanted to try some of her ideas. Your work in Alaska is amazing. It's such beautiful country!

CathyO said...

Hi Terry,
These orange paintings are great fun! I have tried some of Karlyn Holman's techniques and they are fun!

You asked where my son lives - Alexandria, VA. He is an Asian Specialist and has travelled extensively, hence the wonderful artifacts for me to paint!

As for the wood texture, I put on a warm to cool wash, let it dry and then used a dry brush to get the texture of the wood - just thick mud from my palette. Hope that helps!

Kelly said...

...yum....love the comp and the colors!!