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Friday, July 2, 2010

# 7,8,9,10,11

We've been away on a holiday to Goa...so a few of these are all sketches from a journal I kept during the holiday. My daughter got me a set of paints, so I experimented with some new colours! We are in the middle of the monsoons here in India so there was constant, often torrential, rain, but the surroundings were lush and green, so many shades of green, and the paddy fields filled with water! All the pictures were done plain aire and I totally enjoyed the experience. Its more complicated in a way, as one has to be able to focus on what needs to be kept in the picture and what doesn't.
# 7 Tiger Lillies
# 8 Tilling Fields
Another view from the veranda of our guest house. Through the rain the farmer continued to plough his fields! Goa, being on the sea also is full of Coconut trees!

# 9 The bread fruit tree
I last saw these trees when I was in Jamaica. I was delighted to see one growing right in the middle of our guest house garden. It brought back so many memories! The leaves are large as is the fruit which is served cut into slices and fried...and  tastes like fried bread! Tottaly delicious, but also totally fattening!!
One of the reasons for joining this challenge is also to experiment within the water colour range...so I tried using a pen for this picture. My daughter is from design school, so was very encouraging, which helped! I really enjoyed that and it seems to have added depth to my picture!

# 10 Coconut Palms
Another view from the veranda, really tall coconut palms in the foreground and paddy fields behind. This is a painting 10X14" in size and done on water colour paper. I used the pen again and feel it definitely strengthened this picture.
# 11 Bird of Paradise
This was a picture of the entrance to the guest house but taken from inside the room, looking at the view through the open door. The blue window looks into the kitchen... I really loved the yellow flowers (am not sure what they were) and the orange bird of paradise. The rain had washed all the plants and they were shining...the colours were so bright!

I painted more on this holiday then I have done in a long time. I think the inspiration was constantly around as I love painting from nature...and there was so much of that. After Kolkata it  was wonderfully quiet and became a very peaceful week! More pictures will come from this trip!


Teri C said...

They are all wonderful Brinda. What a wonderful vacation with all that inspiration around you.

Elva Paulson said...

I love these glimpses from your part of the world, so very different from mine. ... and I salute you for experimenting. I particularily like the mixed media in the breadfruit tree and the challenge of tackling the farmer tilling his field. Good work!

Kelly said...

Wow! So exotic. I bet painting all of these scenes will help you remember your trip. I loved all the scenes, especially the view of the farmer plowing in the rain.