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Monday, July 12, 2010

Critiques?!! What's Going On?

After a bit of discussion by the members of the 100 Paintings Challenge, it has been decided that the members of the challenge can post up to two paintings each month with a request for feedback as to what works and what might be done to help areas where the artist is struggling.

The followers of the blog are welcome to comment and offer suggestions as well—if the artist has requested feedback. The main focus of the 100 Paintings Challenge is still to do 100 paintings within one year with the focus on quantity rather than on quality.

It is a foregone conclusion that every time we put brush to paper, it is with the intent to do our very best. With that said, we recognize that there are times when "fresh" eyes, other than our own, can see what we cannot.

I ask that everyone review "Giving/Receiving Feedback" section in the lefthand sidebar before leaving feedback.

Thank you for joining us on our artistic journey. We welcome comments, feedback and questions!

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