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Friday, July 2, 2010

Crumpled # 43

After reading Kelly's technique on her warbler, I got a whim to try something really different. My aim was to capture an antique effect .... but I have to admit I'm not wild about the end result. But I'll let you all see what my whim led to.

I inked the great blue heron first, then crumpled my watercolor paper before adding the washes. I figured the paint would sink into the creases a little more than where the paper was still smooth. Oh, yes, I ended up ironing the end result so it would scan half way decently.


Kelly said...

I'm wild about it. I love it!!! I love how the ink settled into the crinkles. It's really cool. Beautiful Great Blue as well...(and I love Great Blues!)

Elizabeth Smith said...

Lovely sketch! And yes, I like the technique - it adds a whole new dimension to your image - I find myself interacting with the piece as a whole...I am partial to textures, anyway!

Teri C said...

Wow, great idea. I love how it turned out. Such a beautiful great blue also.