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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Revised "Crumpled" (# 43)

Laure sent me a very thought provoking digitally enhansed version of my "Crumpled" (great blue heron). I love it! She could see how swampy Florida habitat lends itself to the crumples, and I have to admit, Oregon has a few thick riprian areas the herons like to stalk around in. The painting on top is Laure's computer enhased version.

... and here my heron after I added more paint. I think it is a much more interesting painting now. The last of my ink was added after I studied where some of the suggested foliage went.

If anyone decides to crumple too, I suggest using rather light-weight watercolor paper. I used medium weight and even after ironing it doesn't lay flat. It looks better scanned than in real life because the scanner doesn't show any shadows.


Teri C said...

Wow, the updated version is beautiful, and I loved the first version. Good going to both of you for teaching something new again.

Elizabeth Smith said...

I agree with Teri! Each one is so unique, and I love seeing the different versions.

Deanna said...

I LOVE the new version with more paint. I think the digitally enhanced is nice but your newer version is my favorite!

Brinda said...

I agree with Teri that both versions are great. But I love your painted version...it is so dramatic. I must try it as well!

Kelly said...

...I love your revised version! The deeper colors really set a mood.