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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Cow Skull #49

Laure's blog posting on July 14 got me to thinking. I'm reaching the midway point on my 100 Paintings Challenge -- a good time to remember why I'm doing it. I keep wanting to slip into quality and no quanity, yet the goal of this challenge is quanity over quality. Over the past few months I've become a believer .... and just getting in there and painting is the road to learning. We should spend a significant amount of time exploring, experimenting, and enjoying. Three Es. And we're not reaching out, if we don't make some mistakes along the way.

Here is my latest, a twenty minuite challenge. I'm learning to appreciate what a short time frame can teach me. To do it I have to focus on what is important and let the rest fall by the wayside. The resulting painting often has more life in it than my careful work. A little voice down inside is telling me I should do a 20 min challenge of an idea before spending hours on the idea. I bet the end result on the detailed painting would be way better ... or I might even move on to the next painting.

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