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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kelly - Paintings #33, 34, 35, 36, and 37

...I'm back in town and back on track. I really need to get crackin' if I want to make this challenge. Here are a few really fast sketches. I'm going to have to do a lot of quick sketches if I want to catch up!

Painting 37 - Eastern Towhee

Painting 36 - Eastern Towhee in Orange
This one was fun. I just wanted to create a flat form
with color. I normally pay attention to detail, but I wanted
to leave that style behind for a while...

Painting 35 - Willet in the Gulf

Painting 34 - Eastern Kingbird in the High Meadow

Painting 33 - Prothonotary Warbler painting study
This was a five-minute value study for an earlier painting. After I figured out how to work out the real painting, I tossed this on the floor and forgot about it. A couple of days later I saw it on the floor and picked it up and scribbled over the top of it with pastels and charcoal, really grinding the pigment into the paper. Then I stuck it under the faucet and doused it with water, washing a lot of the pigment off and soaking the paper completely through--who knows why... It ended with an old-fashioned fabric feel that I liked, so I decided to use it in the challenge.


Margaret Bednar said...

Maybe I will try that on all my watercolors and I will like them better. Thanks for the laugh. Great job on your bird paintings. I especially like the Willet - great perspective.

Teri C said...

I am SO happy to see you back! Been missing your beautiful birds Don't worry about catching up, there is nothing to catch up with. Just continue gracing us with your beautiful birds!

Brinda said...

Wow, what great birds! I love the Willet! You have so much perspective in your pictures, something I am constantly struggling with!

Brinda said...
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Elva Paulson said...

Oh! I'm glad to see you are posting again. Your birds have such good variety and capture the zizz of each. I particularily like the form on the top towhee and the light on the willet. .... and Your phonotary warbler has triggered an idea. I don't plan to walk all over my painting, but I might crumple it.