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Sunday, January 2, 2011

# 53 New Year Flowers!

I am extremely pleased with this picture as I completed it in 20 mins...for the 20 Min. Challenge, and it has come out the way it should! The vase is a favourite...a cut glass one which I got at my wedding many many years ago, and to bring the New Year in this year I filled it with bright pink gladioli! I find the 20 min challenge has helped me hugely in developing and improving my painting skills. I have learnt to focus on what are the essential bits in a picture, concentrate on that and not spend too much time on unnecessary detail. It suits my style as well, and possibly my personality too.....as I like an impressionist kind of picture, painted quite wet,  and don't seem to have the patience to spend time on too much close detail!!!!!


Elva Paulson said...

Oh you are right! You capture the essence so well with the 20 min challenge. This is fresh and bright and lovely.

Kelly said...

...it's lovely. You captured the cut glass so well. That is what stems would look like through the glass. I really like it. I'm sending a link to my mom because Gladiolas are among her favorite flowers.

Brinda said...

Thanks for the comments. Glads are full here at the moment....such amazing colours! I hope your mom likes the picture. How nice of you to share it with her!