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Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Courage to Begin

Please join me in welcoming Dora Themelis, our new "challenger! Dora has a background rich in art and a variety of mediums. She has worked with oils, pastels, pen and ink and in recent times, watercolors.

Like all of us, Dora wants to build "good habits" into her daily round that include a consistent, daily effort at creating art. The challenge is a wonderful tool to help create those habits as there is an accountability that helps us stay on track.

Dora is also seeking to understand what it is that excites her to create, what subjects and mediums. She wrote a statement in one of her emails, "Waking in the morning to think I could have the a chance to paint again keeps my creativity alive." To which I wholeheartedly reply, "Yes, it must certainly does!"

Please visit Dora's blog by clicking on her name over in the lefthand side bar.
Again, Dora, welcome!


Teri C said...

Yeah Dora!!! So happy to see you finally made the plunge. You will do great. It is such a feeling of accomplishment.

dora said...

Thanks to you Teri, and your Twenty Minute Challenge, without which I would not have known there was this great opportunity. I'm excited to face the possibilities presented by the idea of 100 paintings and I'm taking a nice, deep breath!

Kelly said...

Hi Dora! Welcome to the challenge. This is my second time around. I learned so much through the first 100 I had to do it again! Can't wait to see your paintings.

Brinda said...

Welcome Dora! This is a really GREAT challenge! You will love participating and it really help you achieve what you want!

dora said...

Kelly, Brinda, thank you for your encouragement!